Delivering Compassion Returns for 2019

With over 14,000 meals served to Edmonton’s homeless community since 2017, Santa YEG ready to do it’s part once again

Santa YEG is pleased to announce the “Delivering Compassion” campaign is back again in 2019.  Since 2017 the delivering compassion campaign has gathered volunteers from across Edmonton to prepare fresh meals and hand deliver them to members of Edmonton’s homeless community during the holiday season.

More than meals, Santa YEG’s efforts are intended to spread love and compassion to all community members, especially those who face extreme obstacles and poverty every single day.

Students from St. Bernadette School in Beverly spent an entire day preparing meals and make Christmas cards for Edmonton’s homeless community in December 2018

“Edmonton is filled with kind and generous people, many who work all year round to help those in need,” said Santa YEG Founder Jeff Tetz, “we’re just trying to make a small impact and do our part to lighten the load, even just a little bit.”

Santa YEG organizers have another motive as well; make it easy for Edmontonian’s to help those in need. Volunteers can sign up for “Compassion Nights” to help with meal prep and/or food deliveries.

“Compassion nights are incredibly meaningful experiences,” says Tetz, “we have people of all ages who help out, including kids, and the experience of handing a complete stranger on the streets a meal that you just prepared with your own hands is a human connection that money can’t buy.”

The 2019 campaign officially kicks off on December 4th. For those wanting more information or to sign up to volunteer, you can email the organizers at santaYEG@outlook.com .

Media requests can be directed to:

Jeff Tetz

Ph: 780-996-8389 or jeffwtetz@gmail.com


Delivering Compassion Returns for 2018

Delivering Compassion Campaign Launches for 2018

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at start to change.” – Wayne Dyer

Imagine for a moment you were freezing cold with no warm clothing to speak of, no friends or family to rely on, and a constant growling in your stomach because you can’t remember the last time you had a meal, never-mind when you might get your next one.

The 2016 homeless count reported over 1700 homeless people living in Edmonton

Then try to picture, as hard as it might be, how it would feel if a complete stranger approached you with a meal they prepared with their own hands and delivered it to you with a caring, compassionate smile.

How might that make you feel in that moment to know that someone cares?  That someone is thinking of you, even in just some small way.

That is why Santa YEG was started; because we believe that when we extend compassion to each other, when we show people love who aren’t used to feeling it, the way they view the world changes and the world changes around them.

Santa YEG is fueled by Edmontonian’s who care about making a difference.  So many people and organizations in our City do so much, all year ’round, to help others in need.  We are so grateful to join those organizations to do our part in some small way.

For the 2018 campaign we will focus our efforts on feeding Edmonton’s less fortunate and creating meaningful experiences where volunteers prepare meals and serve them to those who need them most.

To join our community of compassion and learn how you can help, please email us at santayeg@outlook.com or call us at 780-996-8389.

Happy Holidays,

Santa YEG