Santa YEG Vouchers

We’re always looking for ways to make it easy for people to participate in #deliveringCompassionYEG Day and our team of elves have come up with an ingenious idea. They have created drive-thru vouchers that you can print off and cut up in your own home or office and then use them to spread compassion and kindness on Friday, December 18th to participate with us!

request your sheet of Santa YEG vouchers by emailing us at

How they work: when you’re going through a drive through on Friday, December 18th you can pay for someone’s order behind you in line. As you’re paying the drive-thru attendant, leave a Santa YEG voucher with them and have them give it to the person as they receive their order that you paid for. This will let the stranger know why you performed a random act of kindness for them and will encourage them to do the same for someone else. You can repeat this as many times as you like, all day long, so be sure to print off enough vouchers to last all day.

To request your set of Santa YEG vouchers simply email us at and we’ll get you the file asap. We encourage you to send them to family, friends and colleagues to inspire them to join you in participating in #deliveringCompassionYEG Day too! We’re looking forward seeing your clever and creative ideas come to life on Friday!

Happy Holidays,

Santa YEG

Download your @santaEDM drive thru vouchers for #deliveringCompassionYEG Day! Join me in participating on Friday, December 18th!

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